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Easy rides for everyone

Easy rides for everyone

Sunday, 15 May 2016


A very successful longer ride to Warwick, led by John Bennett.  Six started at Rowheath, three at Maypole, two more at the coffee stop at Wedge's bakery, and eight cycled back to Birmingham from Warwick.  Everyone did very well, including some for whom it was their longest ride yet.

It was a well-planned route, which avoided hills where possible and explored some interesting byways, including a track to Baddesley Clinton church (which involved some heavy lifting when the gate at the end was found to be chained) and a useful route under the motorway on the way back.  We also tried out the newly surfaced towpath in the Brandwood area, and the far from newly surfaced towpath beside Hatton locks which was dry but very rough.

The route is here.

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