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Easy rides for everyone

Easy rides for everyone

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Two rides today

A total of 26 riders turned out on a very hot day for two enjoyable rides.  

(i)  Longer ride to Handsworth Park

A group of 15 led by Steve to a refreshment stop in Handsworth Park, at about the 21 mile mark of a 31 mile ride.  An interesting and varied route, with familiar sections in the early stages (where we were held up by a puncture on the Harborne walkway and by hundreds of half marathon runners on the towpath) and at the end, and interesting new areas in the middle.  These included the path alongside the tramway, with several crossings of the track, and some small parks on the way to Handsworth Park.

Thanks to John T for photos.

The route is here.

(ii)  Sainsbury's at the Maypole

A group of eleven led by John B on a 14 mile ride via Lifford Lane, the Stratford canal, Monyhull, Brandwood, Crabmill Lane, Gay Hill, Walkers Heath Park (possibly not in that order).  

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